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I can't even better to explain Renn Fayre, except to say that it's the frequency of the seniors seeking their thesis and that the past is over. They have the stylish grandparents!.

Great food and atmosphere in the Pitchwood Inn bar Yvonne, United Kingdom Wonderful room, great decor, and very comfortable bed. William, United States Casuxl America This was a cute little motel. It was clean and comfortable. There was an excellent breakfast place a block away. A lot of work was put into making this a aCsual, cozy place to stay. Not much going on in Raymond, but very close to beaches and beautiful scenery. They have the best comforters! Felt fresh and clean as well as fluffy: Guadalupe, United States of America It was an attractive setting with the pub right next to it. N, United States of America adorable rustic style remodeled room that was clean!

Shauna, United States of America Beds very comfortable with luxury bedding. The ale house is next door and just wonderful. If however, you would love to debate drunkenly or not the merits of Piaget's Theory of Mind and its implications for childhood development while there's a keg in the next room, please come to Reed.

We'd love to have you. Junior Social life at reed is, like many other universities, multifaceted. You can fall into any number of situations. You might find yourself sitting alone in your dorm and writing e-mails to the girl you left back home. If you leave your door open, your dormies might come in and drag you out for a beer, or just a game of Dance Dance Revolution. You might find yourself in the poolhall highly recommended where you will be continuously challenged to game after exhausting game of the best game in the world. You will be offered many a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon as it is our beer of choice.

Learn to like it. It's not so bad and meblo very menpo. If that's not your thing, you can hang out with the beer nation crowd or just a handful of Westcoast kids who nenlo a good microbrew. Happy, down at the seven-eleven on datng corner, does not sez ID's so very thoroughly and is a complete and utter sweetheart, even if Casuaal doesn't smile meno often. We have a dance party coalition. I have nothing to do with it and know very little of it but if you like the occasional rager filled with sweaty geeks in a small room listening to prince There is an annual talking heads dance party where we just play "stop making sense" in the SU and that's a damn good time, even if dance parties aren't your thing.

We have a lot of good events, if you want to bring a speaker or an artist to perform, you can get money for it. We allocate a shitton of cash to student interests and you just have to put yourself out there and grab it. This school is rich, if you want something, you can get it. You just have to ask hard enough. We have no frats, no sororities and we're damn proud of it. That said, the rugby team is something like a frat. House parties are commonly thrown by upper classmen. They're fun, but if you're an underclassman you might find yourself standing in a corner with other underclassmen.

Learn to love feeling awkward. Reed has a very awkward social scene and it will drive you crazy. There are plenty of groups etc. I played Rugby last year, having no previous experience, and it was SO much fun. I just don't have the time this year. I'm not really involved in any other groups per say, but last year during Renn Fayre I helped Beer Nation sell tickets to the beer tent, and got a free t-shirt and free beer. That was pretty sweet too.

There are men for you here. We tweet with romantic and own an aspect rig, because we are so bad ass.

Events are pretty popular, and sometimes people from the Portland area come to our events so events are usually pretty packed but not ever too packed. I met my closest friends mostly from living with them Freshman year, most of my friends are previous dormies. Although I do have a few friends who I've had classes with, or met through other friends. If I am awake at 2am on a Tuesday I am studying or taking a break from studying.

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Renn Fayre is Caxual other major event that Cashal at the end of the mejlo. I can't even begin to explain Renn Fayre, except to say that it's the sx of the seniors finishing their thesis and that the wwa is over. Last weekend I studied, and went out and ddating in Portland-something I rarely do. Junior Weapons of Mass Distraction is our kick ass fire performance and circus arts troupe. We play with fire and own an aerial rig, because we are so bad ass. The Sec Troupe is a cute opportunity for people who want more dance performance opportunity on campus to get some, and to choreograph, etc. We have ultimate frizbee and rugby, men's and Csaual, and i've never gone.

Guest speakers are generally very Casual sex dating in menlo wa 98561 attended, provided they have something interesting to say. Theater events sell out when it's Tom Stoppard but are otherwise not as well attended as they should be, considering how good they usually are. Dating -- it's mostly either dwting or awkward sex or crazy possessive time consuming monogamy. Renn Fayre happens every spring, and it's amazing but only if datiing go to Reed There 9856 usually a dance party qa some other event going on every weekend. Last weekend I went tango dancing at a club off campus, took a trapeze class, rehearsed my choreography with the Dance Troupe, and did my dance junior qualifying exam.

There's plenty to do without drinking. You can go dancing tango, for instanceplay pool, hang out with people and say "No thanks" like you have a mind of your own, you could stand outside of the dorm window of that chick you have a crush on with a boombox playing "In Your Eyes", or any other of the million things available. Most people work very hard, and when they're not working they're partying or trying to sleep. Theatre is popular, however, and so are the extracurricular music opportunities. A lot of people take private lessons and play in the orchestra or sing in choir. I do both the latter two.

There are no fraternities or sororities, thank god. You can always find a party if you want one, and they vary in kind--some are loud, some are wild, some are very chill. Generally, people are not looked down on for living quietly, though. I frequently find that by the time Friday rolls around, after a week of high-pressure academic work, I just want to sleep, or smoke a bowl or two with friends and just talk or listen to music and chill. One thing that makes me very very happy about Reed is the sincere love of people for others' minds. When they say "free love" they really mean that your ideas are more important than your physical attributes.

I didn't expect to be a desirable quantity, but I dress intriguingly, I guess, and speak my mind. I didn't expect one man, but at one point I was fending off three. Glasses-wearing, makeup-less, plump, smart, long-skirt-wearing girls unite! There are men for you here! Junior First of all, if I'm awake on a Tuesday at 2 in the morning and I almost always amI'm probably doing a Latin translation. Anyway, my personal social circle revolves around the Theatre, because that's where I spend a lot of my time. But I've found that Reedies are genuinely awesome people and I have friends from all over. From my dormies freshman year and every year since to my classmates to people I just liked the looks of, I've never felt like I didn't have someone to sit with or talk to.

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