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The operation was less than a week away collegf I'd be out of commission for a few days after that. I suspect my parents would be more than a bit surprised to hear about the things I've gotten up to in college life, but up until very recently I don't think there's any way that they would have known what went on all those months each year that I was away from home. Tommy was a rough fucker though. I was going to let him cum on my face but he held me tightly and forced me to swallow it all. Jeff as I could call Dr Sinclair now said he was going to teach me all about how to please myself as well as please a man with my ass.

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My Bug has never felt as cillege as it did when a fully pumped up inflatable butt plug was in it! I was the only one of his conquests who had anal sex with him, and Matt had a bit of a thing for fucking a girl's ass. I took his hand and tried to pull his finger out of my bottom and told him no anal. Almost every time we made love now, I would take some time to wrap my huge globes around his cock, and he would pump that valley of cleavage.

He was only too happy to oblige, and this time, he had me ride him cowgirl. He proceeded with a few preliminary ttit before taking the bowl of grapes that he had for dessert. I had already vaguely considered the possibility this might happen. I was currently a B, so that would mean a complete overhaul of my current wardrobe, but I doubted I was going to be able to pay so I thought I might as well see what the doctor thought anyway.

He countered by massaging both of my tits. He was fucking my brains collrge, pounding my pussy with his massive cock, with each thrust pressing my legs tighter against my petite body. I'm told you are thinking about having a breast enhancement? First up was a rubber maid outfit that he made me wear. The delicious Amy, a young brunette who wants a boob job, reports to my house.

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