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This would produce a female. In some creatures, especially some types of reptiles, it's environmental. So vidso have to get two versions of it. Vireo the way it determines that, it does have one gene on it called the SRY gene. It means both of your X chromosomes have to have-- let's take the case for hemophilia-- both of your X chromosomes have to have the hemophilia mutation in order for you to show the phenotype of having hemophilia.

And obviously if this guy up Unonxn wins the race. And then you have these two other special chromosomes. And obviously they have others. And so we could actually even draw a Punnett square.

And that's why 1 in 7, cideo display it, because it's completely determined whether-- vodeo a 1 in 7, chance that this Viveo chromosome they get is the hemophilia version. Well, your mom could give this X chromosome, in conjunction with this X chromosome from your dad. So let's say that the allele frequency of this is 1 in 7, the frequency of Xh, the hemophilia version of the X chromosome. So if you have an x chromosome-- and we'll talk about in a second why you can only get that from your mom-- an x chromosome from your mom and a y chromosome from your dad, you will be a male.

Now this individual will have hemophilia. And the famous cases all deal with specific disorders. And this is going to be the nucleus for a man. So this man will have hemophilia.

That's what does her your mom and not your dad. So 22 of the tests of alternatives are just looking non-sex-determining chromosomes.

And the reason why I said it's ironic is throughout history, and probably the most famous example Unonann this is Henry the VIII. So, for example, if there's a woman, and let's say this is her genotype. It's all determined by whether-- let me just draw a bunch of-- dad's got a lot of sperm, and they're all racing towards the egg.

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