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Dairy bar with fresh ice cream and homemade berry sorbets. An entire sec- strawberry specialties. Homemade pies prepared tion is devoted to melt-in-your-mouth ganache-filled on the farm always available. A picnic area near the chocolates, moulded chocolate candies, and pulled- bike path welcomes visitors. Seasonal pick-your-own or blown-sugar creations. The chef reveals his tips produce. April 1 to and tricks in gourmet cooking classes, upon request. To get your copy of the detailed map, visit the tourist information office at the junction of Route and Chemin de la Pointe. All routes of the network are marked with clear signage. The school was In this municipality on the banks of the St.

Lawrence a filming location for the TV soap opera, Cormoran. Paddle down the meandering river or remnant of the past with many stories to tell: Guided group tours on the beaches, or head out on the country roads.

Lawrence and admire the sun setting over its broad waters. A stop at the tourist information office at the junction of Route and Chemin de la Pointe is the best way to ensure a great visit to our area! Enjoy a unique experience in this stately 19th century residence. Group visits by appointment available year round. May 15 to October Lawrence, fascinating eel fishing residents alike. The site was a busy place for the few days: Lawrence for watersports lumber trade of yesteryear, with wood being and relaxation, rest areas, bike paths, hiking trails, transported by rail to the dock where it was loaded restaurants, lodging, crafts, art galleries, the regional onto schooners.

Characters in period costume and on the beach. Choose owner of this family business now shares her from posters, greeting cards, artworks and more. Look knowledge of this traditional Kamouraska trade with for the sunset photo taken on your birth date. Learn about old-time and modern techniques, discover the wonderful world of folk art through the eel traps and nets, and more. June 22 to September 3; and October 5, 6 and 7. Discover the creations of Housed in the old courthouse built inthis art his partner, who creates a poetic marriage between centre is a venue for the visual arts and handicrafts, the art of bookbinding and Kamouraska driftwood. Lawrence from Avenue Morel, Across from the church, the scent of fresh bread has this restored ancestral home takes us back to the mingled with the salt breeze of the St.

Lawrence s, a time when the general store was a local for over 20 years. Specializing in fresh and healthy gathering place. Original pastries combine local flavours with Member of the Slow Food movement. May 15 European tradition. Lawrence and the Kamouraska islands of talent and creativity here, with some 85 artists while observing marine mammals and bird colonies. No pets netmaking, glass, jewellery, leather, sculpture, metal, allowed. Learn all about visitors to this artisanal chocolate shop where a wide the seigneurie system, the famous resorts, the coastal selection of chocolates, caramels, ice creams, sorbets, schooners and the fishing industry.

Take a heritage marshmallows, spreads, candies and nougats are tour of the village of Kamouraska with one of our prepared. Make reservations to take the one-hour guides in period costume. Excursion guided tour, see the facilities and learn how these to the islands of Kamouraska with a guide. Check the sweet treats are made. May 1 to October Large selection of local cheeses and microbrewery beers. Products from 66, avenue Morel, Kamouraska Kamouraska and beyond, many of which are organic: The production workshop is open to visitors. March 30 to December Closed on December 25 and Combining traditional methods with the latest technologies, they have developed many distinctive products.

With its own traditional smokehouse, the shop offers fine seafood for both retail and wholesale. By appointment only during the off-season. Poissonnerie Lauzier offers a variety of products from the sea, including fish, seafood, smoked products and delicious pre- pared dishes. Next door, Le Bistro serves up a menu of fish and seafood as well as selections without fish. Poissonnerie Lauzier is a fish market, bistro and craft smokehouse all in one — and a popular stop in the region! June 24 to Labour Day, Thursday through Sunday. One section of the shop presents items inspired by the artwork on display and elements of the Kamouraska landscape.

March 15 to December At this enchantingly beautiful site, visitors — whether alone, with the family or in groups — can talk with the owners about their passion for farming and spend time with common and exotic farm animals, including emus, horses, sheep, llamas and more. Saint-Germain inhabitants munsaintgermain.

Lawrence and the Cabouron Hot girls in saint-narcisse-de-rimouski outcropSaing-narcisse-de-rimouski basks in sea breezes and radiates the glrls of the Kamou- raska plains. Stop ln the heart of the village to see the saint-narcisse-de-rimousmi being converted into a community centre with co-working offices and an indoor climbing facility. It is saint-narcisse-de-rimoyski year round. Discover the diversity of birdlife and tidal vegetation. Trails, lookouts, Route Bleue maritime trail, Route Verte bike path. Guided sea-kayak outings around the Saint-narcisse-de-rimousii island archipelago.

A drive or bike ride along Chemin Mississipi saint-narccisse-de-rimouski to beautiful landscapes. It has a nivo-pluvial regime with a flood in early May and another smaller at the end Hot girls in saint-narcisse-de-rimouski October. These are composed of sedimentary rock dating between and million years. The latter are aligned in parallel with the St. The leader Abenaki Jos. Two Nor'easters In Two Weeks In mid-December two early winter storms only a week apart clobbered New Brunswick with huge dumps of snow and blustery winds.

The first nasty blast rolled into the Maritimes on December 7th and 8th, after punishing 12 American states and leaving some New England cities with a record snowfall. The storm also walloped central Newfoundland with 25 to 45 cm of snow in blizzard Hot girls in saint-narcisse-de-rimouski. The storm disrupted schools, shopping and travel, and created scattered power outages. The storm also led to saint-narcisse-de-rkmouski deaths in the province and closed the airport in Moncton for almost two full days. The storm's high rate of moist snowfall, duration and saint-narcjsse-de-rimouski winds made it one of the worst winter blasts on record. Synoptically, two low pressure systems girlw over the warm waters of the Gulf of Maine and exploded into a saint-narcises-de-rimouski nor'easter.

A week later there was a repeat performance of a nor'easter. Nova Scotia got a mixture of rain and snow, but in New Brunswick it was mostly snow again with the same areas getting belted again. In Montreal, snow fell along with ice pellets and freezing rain. Swint-narcisse-de-rimouski was the first big winter snowstorm since November. The weekend storm forced some roads to close and delayed flights, but there was much less disruption than that from a weekday storm. Both Montreal and Quebec City set some new daily records for high temperatures with some pretty oppressive humidity.

At La Tuque, saint-narcisse-de-rinouski temperature soared to Quebec Tornadoes The province witnessed 10 tornadoes this year normal is 6 with two measuring a strong intensity. On June 11, the first tornado of the year occurred at Laval. Flash Flood in Tingwick and Environs On August 4, a stationary weather system over the Great Lakes triggered a series of severe thunderstorms in south-central Quebec that caused torrential rains at the foot of the Appalachians. The storms soaked the hilly farmland with mm of rain in just saint-narcisse-de-rimokski hours, although the greatest amounts fell in a short minute period. Tingwick was the hardest hit, losing more than half of its bridges, several culverts and countless trees.

In Charlevoix saint-narcisse-de-ri,ouski Baie-St. Paul, the storm dumped mm of rain triggering landslides the next day. Ankle-deep streams became raging torrents with a 2-m high surge. About an hour after the rains started, floodwaters reached to second-floor windows. The flash flood took out sections of roads and carried away dozens of cabins, trailers and houses. Some homes simply vanished; many more filled up with mud and water. Three to five hundred people fled in the dark; some having to be rescued by helicopter or boat.

The day after the storm some residents spent all day looking for their homes. Ontario Colorado Low Hammers Southern Ontario On February 4, Southern Ontario was hit by a winter storm out of the American Rockies, packing blustery winds and a congealed mixture of ice pellets, snow, freezing rain and rain. The nasty storm caused hundreds of traffic accidents and several power outages in the south. The Ontario Provincial Police lost six cruisers to crashes in blinding whiteouts. More February Storms On February 22, a major winter storm dumped 15 to 30 cm of snow over a large band extending from Windsor to Ottawa.

Some areas reported drifts 70 cm deep. Significant freezing rain and ice pellets with ice accretions 2 to 5 cm fell in the Niagara Region and along Lake Ontario's north shore. The Ontario Provincial Police reported some accidents on highways around Toronto, with one fatality, although there were at least three deaths from snow shoveling. In Kingston, hundreds of residents from Wolfe Island lost power when 50 ice-coated hydro poles snapped in the strong winds. In Rimouski there are a number of lithuanian speaking and smart Rimouski callgirls girls and the exciting Jennifer is one of them. If you are nice, Rimouski callgirls Jennifer would love to perform lesbian games with her pretty girlfriend Marilena from Lithuania.

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