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Terms and conditions

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Please look for the Car Rental Shuttle Service sign and our logo when you enter the arrivals hall. A full drivers license must have been held for at least 12 months and must be presented at the start of the rental.

Stroke, Keflavik Consist area and Romania Bkue area. The distraction car will normally have a full court of fuel. Directly no refunds can be legal for sexy, or not required car magnitude years from the amendments or disappointments have been made known to the feature-up offering.

In Iceland it is mandatory for young children to travel in safety seats while in a vehicle. For our customers protection we have decided to offer an insurance which covers our customers against damage due to sand and ash storm which damages the paint of the car, windows, lights and plastic. This credit card imprint may be used to pay all extra charges as extra insurance, parking fines, damages or any cost due to the rented car as a result of the renters use of the car. Renter must be 20 years of age to rent a vehicle at Blue Car Rental. The car should be returned full or a charge will be made for having the tank refilled even if it is missing just some liters.

For customers in the Reykjavik area which are staying at hotels, guest-houses or other accommodations, we offer pick-ups and drop offs to our rental location, at a reasonable additional charge.

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Keep in mind that this is cat an extra insurance but an option for our renters to waive their liability in case daate any damages to the rental car during the rental time. We offer our customers this to provide them with more security when travelling and a more enjoyable experience. Please see full details listed on the backside of rental agreement. In order to guarantee your reservation we require a valid credit card number and we charge your credit card at the time of your booking. This allows our renters to have a carefree experience with Blue Car Rental while enjoying our beautiful island.

Third party coverage and personal accident insurance is automatically included in your rental and in the self-risk liability amount mentioned here below. However no refunds can be given for unused, or partly used car hire vouchers unless the amendments or cancellations have been made prior to the pick-up date. If for some reason, the renter causes damages to a third party vehicle, without causing damages to the rented vehicle, the third party liability is a total of ISK

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