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All of the girl I have shot for Every I've dubbed them all. Teamed Advantage's Samara Net amazing about G won very now regularly. I was arrested a few times by a community of heated agents randomly while I was hard home from independent or just in the abc of fort my every.

It wasn't necessarily they would ask me, 'do you want to be in porn? It then became something obviously a lot more than just 'modeling'. It eventually became more nudes and more adult. It just took off from there. It piqued my curiosity and I just kind of gave it a try and decided 'let's fucking do it'. You mentioned your first scene felt so natural. What was it for? I actually did two shoots in one day. One of them was for Rodney Moore which was Goo Girls In those movies I worked with two very cool people. They were both very cool and very comfortable to be around and it all seemed so natural.

With both those titles you mentioned being your first ones, which would be the DVDs you would suggest people rent or buy if they are not familiar with your body of work? Truthfully, I would have to say not some of the stuff I did in my earlier career. It was all very much so much fun but I Giana michaels anal still learning myself then. A lot of the stuff I feel is better is the stuff that I have shot more recently. One movie I just did was with Jonni Darkko from Evil Angel and it was a movie he did just focusing on me. That one is called G for Gianna. I haven't seen it yet but I know it came out good. I had fun filming every single, last scene.

All of the stuff I have shot for Mercenary I've enjoyed them all. On top of the Jonni Darkko film but all of the stuff I have done for Evil Angel in general has also been great. You've been in the industry for about two years now and you are not the cookie cutter porn girl. You are all natural with no plastic surgery and you are not this frail, stick figure stereotypical blonde porn star. You are a freaking woman in every sense of the word. What do you attribute your success and popularity in porn while still not having the same look as all of the other porn stars?

I think you basically answered that question yourself. I am not every other chick that is in the industry. There is nothing wrong with any of the women that are in the industry because everyone is different. It is just that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I am grateful for my success and as long as people continue to like me I plan on fucking sticking around. You mentioned a number of people already of people that you have enjoyed working with. Are there still some people out there whether it be male or female talent, directors or studios that you have not worked for but you would like to some day down the road?

I have not done any feature work. I would love to do that. I would love to work for bigger name studios like Wicked and Vivid and all of them. I worked at a hamburger joint up in Seattle called Dick's. Never been to one Big D: What's in your CD player right now? It's a six disc changer and three of them are all old school 's love songs. I have one Scarface, one Tupac and a mix CD of hip hop. First porn you ever watched? I don't know who the chicks were and I don't know what it was. There was another one that I saw when I was really young. The girl was putting whipped cream on the dude's penis. I didn't even know what a penis was at that time. Go to the movies or go to the ballgame?

It depends on if it was a good movie. I would go to a fucking ballgame if it was nice outside.

Anal Giana michaels

If it was ugly I would go to the theater micaels if it was a stupid movie. What modern convenience can you not live without? I would also Giaa to say my cell amal. I anla Ghost and Dirty Dancing. All that old stuff. Person you'd like to meet that you have not met? Place you want to visit but haven't yet? The Gianna Michaels Interview: April Gianna Giana michaels anal You asked, Gianna answered. An all-around cool chick, Gianna Michaels was excited to answer questions from her fans. I was approached by an agent walking home from work in the steaming hot San Fernando valley.

I was wearing a skin tight tank top and sweat glistened in between my cleavage like glitter. I ran into the same agent a year later in the same spot walking in the same smoldering heat and he asked me one question…………. No regrets Does your tattoo have a special meaning to you? What do you like to do in your spare time? Do you have any cool hobbies? Its a fixer upper. You know, all that girly shit. You are one of the few big natural tit stars who, when you are on top, let your tits bounce around HARD.

You never hold them or keep them from bouncing. Video is PornerBros biography. Michqels was born on June 6, in Seattle, Washington. Discover Extremely curvy bomshell greatly prefers nice profile featuring HQ pics. Part06; Manueluncut 4 carmella bing y en tremendo trio.

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