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A guide to touristing the fuck out of the Netherlands when you’re bored of Amsterdam

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If you describe someone as neukbaar, then logically you are indicating that they are not only attractive but that you would like to have a sexual relationship with them but nothing more. Wat vind je van Anouk? Hmmm… Die is wel neukbaar ja. My Dutch language teacher at Koentact claims that this term is used mainly by men, but can provide no evidence to support this rather sexist statement. Women quite rightly often regard being described as neukbaar as insulting. Due to the ever increasing number of English speaking expats in Amsterdam a new variation is also in use: More natural areas worth exploring: Time to get there from Amsterdam Central: Depends on where you go, about 1 hour-ish.

Traditional fishing villages The traditional fishing villages are the perfect places to visit if you like fish and old-fashioned regional attire.

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You want to see the quintessential Dutch stereotype from before weed replaced all of them? This is your jam. Netherlanxs really make the most out of your day, you can combine a visit to the cheese market in Edam with a visit to Volendam, as they are conveniently located next to each other. You can take a walk through the village, visit a museum or eat some fish. Kinderdijk Another one of those familiar Dutch sights is the windmill.

Some of them nethetlands to gather together for safety and then we call that Kinderdijk. All jokes aside, Kinderdijk netheralnds loads of windmills and is close enough to the Biesbosch to make a combined visit out ih it, if you like nature and old-fashioned windmills. It is also close enough to Rotterdam that if you like to see the difference between those windmills and modern big city architecture, you can visit both in the same day. Bus from Utrecht Centraal to Kinderdijk. Time to get there: Other mentions worth mentioning: Even the radio swears at me in English TV and radio in the Netherlands also seem to be a swearing free-for-all.

It was kind of funny but it was also a bit shocking. In English, we use our swearwords with purpose.

netherlanfs They can be almost any part of speech but they must have an emphatic function. This is not necessary in Dutch. You can pop a Fuck in almost anywhere; it will almost always improve your sentence. So it seems, to be truly Dutch, you have to be speak a little bit of English too.

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