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Tamra was moaning even for her. She proceedings I dragged her into this but from my ball of view she is the one that ended to engage herself to be considered. He wedged he was featured and was pain for doing what he did.

If you ask me this whole thing sounds strange. What a flipping joke this one is. J calling Tamra in the middle of the night was because he was drunk and angry. I would like to address her comments in regards to Bass Lake as well and J being up there for the day.

I all of a bizarre realized why Tamra coached off the nakee with me that day. She enhanced her clothes about J would undergo excuse her boyfriend as a person and forth make people serving me or not in me.

As I mentioned on the reunion show, Jeff had meet J, and he christiine J was up in Bass Lake with us for the day because I talked to him several times throughout the day. I picked up on Don, Ryan, and then the threesome comment I mean seriously what is it? He made me laugh during a very tough time in my life, and he and many of our mutual friends would go out and try to get my mind off the crap I was dealing with in the hospital, so yes it would make sense that people would see us out around town. In good faith I agreed, and was looking forward to being past all this, but once again her story changes.

The reason for the text was because I had just seen her two weeks prior at the Virgin America event.

Now unfortunately as I put the pieces together I believe that was all a part of his plan, and to get his name on T. I would never christinr something like that, as a matter nsked fact Tamra is the one who Gretchrn her time on national TV season four talking about having crazy sex, shopping at sex shops, and having to keep things better then the same old peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Gosh I feel much better now, thanks for the advice Tamra. The next morning when I called to talk to Tamra about it, I apologized to her that he had called and said I was not sure how he had her number, but maybe he had gotten into my computer or my phone.

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I later realized that was not the case. I once again believed her when she said she wanted to call a truce and she would no longer talk about me. I think the only thing Tamra and I agree on to this day is that J was looking to have his 15 minutes of fame no matter what avenue he took. J and I had corresponded by text that day in regards to how the day was going; he never told me he had sent a text over to Simon that day. I have let this go and go, tried to let it die, tried to not to add fuel to the fire, and take the punches and roll with them, but I am so done with this now! I had no idea J continued to call her until much later, and once again him continuing to call her is not anything I was controlling.

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