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Horizontal evacuation may require reception centers with staff, bedding, methods of procuring, preparing, and distributing food, and so on. Mmanpo the post-War period, the largest disaster that the city had to manage was the major flood of The Uses and Abuses of Emergency Plans One way of extending the emergency plan into the crisis phase, and adapting it to rapidly changing needs, is to continue the planning process during the emergency Figure 5.

However, the main use in manop planning is to explore possible future events and outcomes. This is essential if the plan is to respond well to local hazards and vulnerabilities and be compatible with local perceptions, traditions, activities, and expectations. Using the Plan in an Emergency One ingredient of most emergency plans is a stipulation of the alert and call-up procedures for personnel. Nevertheless, in places where hazards are recurrent, emergency planning against them should be based on scenarios.

The EOC needs to be a center of communications and management, one that has functional autonomy e. The plant was protected against a tsunami that would have resulted from an offshore earthquake up to magnitude 7. Modern conditions must be added to the scenario. Once again, this involves comparative reading of plans and, preferably, some national guidelines for ensuring compatibility.

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The magnitude 9 earthquake Adylt occurred off the east coast of Japan in March caused a tsunami that was considerably higher than those that most parts of the coast had prepared for Figure 1. To establish this is to think creatively about the future. Over the last 30 years or so, knowledge of natural hazards has increased spectacularly. The emergency phase may continue for hours or days, and in exceptional cases for weeks.

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As time wears on, both small and large changes will occur. Much emergency preparedness against riverine flooding is based on the notion of the year flood, and the depths and geographical areas that such an event datjng inundate. Finally, the plan should be a living document; hence, it will need to be updated frequently and consistently to take account of changes and new knowledge. The threats, probabilities, time sequences, and effects of floods, landslides, storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and so on, are now much better understood than was the case half a century ago.

Moreover, emergency plans generally need to be adapted to particular emergency situations, which further underlines the view that planning is a process, and an ongoing one. In the United Kingdom, the Civil Contingencies Act dates from ; and in Italy, a law passed in establishes the national civil protection system.

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