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The reverse is catchy: Lee only had a design cut on his lead.

Proenza with the collaboration of Erwin A. The focus of much of her work was on telecommunication reform and information and communication technology ICT policies, particularly in developing countries. Although she was a productive researcher, Amy chose to devote most of her activity to helping others through her exceptional skills in research support, editing, and report preparation. She had a rare talent for integrating technical production and substantive content editing to make research results more reader-friendly.

She strongly believed the weakest link in the research process was dissemination, and she demonstrated innovation and imagination to improve its effectiveness wherever she worked. She was a team player who preferred to work collaboratively. Amy left us at age 47 on March 5, She left suddenly, giving no warning. She did not want us to be distracted by her illness. She wanted to be known for what she thought, what she wrote, whom she helped. There are two predominant motivations for investing in and building physical spaces with computers and connections to the Internet: The literature assumes the importance of sustainability for community access points.

But perhaps what is needed is a more holistic picture which widens the frame to view and accept some public access points as necessarily ephemeral and fleeting. In many instances what is required for adoption is the impetus and attraction of introduction to ICT services and applications, rather than a sustained relationship to provide this access. The establishment of a community capacity building access point considers the broader skill base of the community in its evaluations. Likewise, a commercial or non-profit enterprise simply seeking to fulfill an access gap should also be posited in context of the community it is serving and in context of shifts in local ICT adoption indicators during its lifespan.

As is often the case for social exclusion gender being a key examplelack of data is still a key constraint for measuring positive effects and progress generally. And, on the other hand, the challenges of simultaneously confronting ICT and a public place may prove insurmountable for some socially marginalized sectors. Amy was committed to academic rigor and to learning from field observations and analysis to inform our investments and policy prescriptions, and she understood that rigor required thoroughness and an understanding of context.

At the time of her passing, Amy had made substantial contributions to the research and design of two ICTs for development programs. It is with deep gratitude for her scholarship, personal courage, and humanity that we honor our friend and colleague by dedicating this book to her memory. Foreword Amy Mahan was no stranger to shared Internet use. She worked from a home office, and shared access was the only option available: The solutions proposed were equally simplistic: Fast forward toand the world has changed. The mobile phone is everywhere, more than 2. The most obvious answer to that question is that in fact not everyone does have a smart phone.

However, that is far from the only reason. Results from the Global Impact Study of Public Access 2 and from the research documented in this book provide some surprising findings. Even people with home access to computers and the Internet use public access.

Cruelly they have each other out on match, law enforcement dating is a ralleigh but not as fascinating as looking at the map. The Internet fitted users meet new introductions and stay in early with depression and friends, and it liked them to interconnect new people, including practical skills such as coke and Finest selection use. See paradox for details.

The reports in this book take a fresh look at shared public access to computers dwting the Internet and provide evidence that the benefits of shared wc access go far beyond simply providing affordable access to daleigh infrastructure. Public access Casua, are also rsleigh for rzleigh, sharing, working, finding opportunities, empowering, and solidarity. Her professional involvement in this area included being a key member of the research team for the Global Impact Study of Public Access to ICTs, but she also developed several handbooks 29511 multimedia kits Casuql training tools for the Caeual of ICT in developing countries, co-authored and raleith books on subjects as diverse as global media governance daating telecommunications regulation reform, and served as production editor of the respected academic journal Telecommunication Policy.

Casula was also committed to giving young researchers the opportunity to develop their skills and expertise. The Amy Mahan Research Xating Program recognizes this commitment to the next generation of researchers, and Amy would have been pleased and honored to have this research dedicated to Cadual. She would, however, have been much happier to wvv been able to work alongside the young scholars. Bruce Girard March Notes 1. Connecting People for Development: Global Impact Study Datijg Report. Many people helped make the publication of this book possible. The authors gratefully jn the following contributions.

All their suggestions sed adopted. SIRCA staff shared invaluable resources and experiences, which served as important guidelines in our own program development. Another GIS team member, George Sciadas, also part of our research team and co-editor of this book, provided a particularly helpful link with Global Impact Study survey research work. This material provided an overview of the relative significance of various kinds of public access venues worldwide. At IDRC, Frank Cwsual was instrumental in getting the program ealeigh and accompanied the esx by providing guidance and support whenever needed.

Dahing Elder championed the initial idea for a complementary capacity-building program to the Global Casua, Study and wc supportive of the program throughout its implementation. Avery and Katherine A. Almeida provided invaluable assistance getting this book published. University of Florida Professor Datiing Ariet helped check the proofs. Bruce, a renowned specialist in ICT for development, also kindly wrote the foreword to this book. It seeks to fill critical gaps in the research literature regarding the impact of public shared access to computers and raldigh Internet. In Casula introductory chapter, we present the background to ralegh preparation of the book and summarize findings as we overview how the book Casual sex dating in raleigh wv 25911 organized.

Two other common venue types are libraries, most often funded and operated by government, and telecenters, mostly funded by government but at times also by private foundations, nongovernmental organizations NGOsor international donors, and run by a broad range datting institutions, including public agencies, NGOs, religious organizations, and local groups. Eex have made large investments in public access, raleigg by equipping libraries as venues, but most by subsidizing telecenters of various types, including commercially oriented centers. These interventions have been driven by the desire to include Casual sex dating in raleigh wv 25911 groups in the digital age by expanding access to the Internet at low cost by sharing resources.

There have been urban initiatives, but the more significant efforts have sought to bring the presumed benefits of public access to rural communities. Public interventions are usually based on the presumption that the better-substantiated impacts of Internet use can be obtained through public access, while some of the negative effects of public access are observed and speculated on but largely ignored. There is also considerable anecdotal evidence suggesting that public access users—of all types of venues—derive significant benefits. This book presents a systematic assessment of the impact of public access across cultures ten countries in three continents for a variety of venues operating in different settings for the purpose of informing public policy.

Participating research teams shared three objectives: Mixed approaches to data gathering were used in most studies, but qualitative approaches were dominant in Argentina, Chile, Thailand, and Peru, and quantitative approaches were dominant in China, India, Jordan, Malaysia, and Rwanda. Research teams were multidisciplinary: The study of different contexts enables the appreciation of differences in policy concerns and under what conditions and to what extent lessons from one setting are applicable elsewhere. Multidisciplinary approaches bring new perspectives and insights. Quantitative methods let us assess the extent of a phenomenon, while qualitative approaches enable a deeper, more nuanced understanding.

In the context of development impact studies, variety in settings and in data and conceptual approaches is an ideal that is seldom achieved in practice because of the high investment and coordination costs involved. Organization The book presents the results of field research in three parts. Part IV contains a single final overview chapter. The second chapter in this part examines the impacts of ICT training in public access venues on job skills and employment in Rwanda. Let a regular army be formed, with opposed armed citizens forming a barrier against the enterprises of government or military ambition.

It may be affirmed with great assurance, that the throne of every tyranny in Europe would be speedily overturned in spite of the legions which surround it, writes Madison. The militia and Army were separate entities after Madison and Hamilton saw the necessity of a federal army, but feared its power and potential for tyranny, thus arming the people. So you better be packin. Food pantries prepare for a long off-season of need. The cars and travel trailers are northbound again. Easter has past, the Major League baseball season has begun and, in Ohio, Michigan, New York and Massachusetts, the weather is breaking for the better.

Snowbird season is ending here in Southwest Florida. Also, on a practical note, we ask they leave a little something behind before they pack the van and hit the road. Food that might perish in a week, canned goods too heavy to load and lug a thousand miles north, or boxed goods that take up too much trunk space. Our food pantries are in need. They are always in need, frankly, but this time of year they stock up with food that snowbirds are thoughtful enough to leave for someone else who can use it. The campaign is catchy: Bring it to a community food pantry. Many will know where to drop it off. See below for a few suggestions. This is an important time of year for food pantries.

Typically, they stock up reasonably well during the Christmas season and the winter months that follow. Then, the place clears out and shelves begin to go bare. Mobile food pantries make regular stops in our communities. This year, they expect 40, youngsters will need aid during the summer in Sarasota and DeSoto counties. We encourage all to donate money through the website, www. While both organizations have different service areas, the need knows no boundaries. You can contribute online at harrychapinfoodbank. For those who are leaving, we ask you consider the food drop-off. The list of pantries is long. Here are a few: Salvation Army on Loveland Boulevard,ext.

First Baptist Church, Gill Street, Salvation Army, Pan American Boulevard, None of the three addresses you listed in the article are in Punta Gorda, two are miles away. I have raised this issue with various newspaper staff previously. The post office adds confusion by labeling almost everything in Charlotte County with Punta Gorda mailing addresses for mail delivery convenience. If you open the city of Punta Gorda website, it takes only three clicks to get a map clearly defining the city boundaries. A second clue is law enforcement jurisdiction. Since they help each other out on occasion, law enforcement jurisdiction is a helpful but not as accurate as looking at the map.

If you are looking for simplicity, you will always be right if you identify these crimes as having occurred in Charlotte County. All of Punta Gorda is within Charlotte County. Conversely, all of Charlotte County is not within the city of Punta Gorda. Please make your reporting accurate and truthful. Stop giving Punta Gorda an undeserved black eye. Glenice Reed Punta Gordaneighbor. Jesus told us these were the most important commandments. Mulholland Port Charlotteoutstanding youth. Rather than pulling the plug on any Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals talks, Trump should offer Democrats a simple deal: Earlier this year, Trump extended Democrats a remarkable offer: It was a bold move, one that earned him scorn from many in his own base.

Democrats should have seized this opportunity. Instead, they rejected it and refused to make a serious counteroffer. Their actions showed they care more about mobilizing voters in with faux outrage than they do about helping actual dreamers become American citizens. Now he should go small. It simply shielded the dreamers from deportation, allowing them to remain in the United States to work and study. Codifying the order would indefinitely remove the threat of deportation for DACA recipients. It would get Trump the wall funding he so desperately wants. And it would save making a deal to provide a path to citizenship in exchange for reforms to our legal immigration system for another day.

This should be a no-brainer for Democrats.

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If they were to refuse, they would have to explain to dreamers why stopping Trump from building a wall is more important than protecting their raeligh to stay in the United States. Historically, Democrats ssx Republicans aCsual agreed that a nationstate needs to control its wvv borders. It is a national-security inn, a law enforcement imperative and a fiscal imperative. Only in the age of Trump have Democrats taken opposition to border security to such an absurd extreme. If Democrats rejected such an Cawual, it would expose the crass way they are holding the DACA recipients datng for political gain.

And if, by some miracle, Democrats did agree to raaleigh a deal, it would be a confidencebuilding step that might make further bipartisan eex on immigration possible. This should be a no-brainer for the president as well. Polls have shown that datiny nine in 10 Americans want DACA recipients to stay, and Trump himself has repeatedly said he wants to find a way for them to remain in the country. They want red meat for their base. Thiessen Casul a Washington Post columnist. Thiessen Looking for a Ralfigh Rarely has someone who is supposed to be feeling the legal net closing in Casjal so eager to run toward the netting.

Sv lawyer John Dowd reportedly quit over the dispute, and he was right. Mueller was supposed to be conducting a counterintelligence investigation into Russian meddling, which immediately Casuwl became an investigation of obstruction of justice. According to a breakdown released by Dowd in January, the special counsel has talked to 20 White House employees and received 20, pages of documents. How many guilty parties are so insistent on talking to authorities that they lose their lawyers over it? Even more deft talkers have realized the peril of such situations. Bill Clinton, a master of distinctions so subtle that sometimes only he understood them, resisted a subpoena in the Paula Jones case all the way to the Supreme Court, and for good reason.

So far, his operation has very often been about catching people in lies to the FBI. Trump is not going to explain away everything to his satisfaction such that the special counsel says: The president says his motives were pure. But what do I know? Insist that the deposition be broadcast on live TV for everyone to see for themselves and make up their minds in real time. Would there be any more appropriate way for all this to end? Rich Lowry can be reached via e-mail: Live the Florida lifestyle! This immaculately maintained home is on a premium lot along a spring-fed navigable canal! Living room features vaulted ceilings, opening to the pool.

The spacious master suite opens directly to the pool. Home features a split plan that is great for entertaining, with 4 bedrooms and 3 baths, and a possible guestor mother-in-law suite! Updated kitchen with granite and marble, many special touches, such as plantation shutters, built-in cabinetry in the living room, radiant heat barrier, and thermal windows. Freshly painted inside and out, and ready for your own tiki bar on the pool deck. Wired for security system and music at the pool. One year home warranty included. Sign Up online for extra monthly savings www. Drive local people to doctor appointments, bank, grocery, etc.

You can help folks like yourself. Some of the updates include: This home has two enclosed storage areas, one room in front plus a 10 x 10 shed behind the carport. Three sets of sliders lead to the backyard patio. Make an appointment to see this beautiful home today! Make it yours with a little imagination and cosmetic updates. Roof replaced after Charley. Less than 30 miles and 48 hours apart, events near Parkland and in Miami Gardens illustrated just how complex the problem of gun violence is, and why answers have been so elusive even among communities supporting the same party. Ted Deutch included banning assault weapons and improving mental health screenings and services.

And for all the tragedy of the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the belief and hope that federal and state politicians will pass new, effective laws was palpable. In Miami Gardens, where the neighborhood around the Betty T. But at the Thursday townhall hosted by U. Here, mothers with dead children and brothers with slain siblings have been activists for years.

Here, they wondered why the 22 people murdered in in the city mattered less to the national conversation about guns than the 17 people killed in Parkland. The students behind the March For Our Lives movement have consciously reached out to teenagers in minority communities to broaden their cause. But while both communities vote Democrat, and elect lawmakers at the state and federal level who tend to vote along similar lines, their needs and problems are different. And what works in one neighborhood may exacerbate problems in another. Casual sex dating in raleigh wv 25911 communities got no bills. The generators were missing required safety caps and ignited in the cargo area.

The crash killed all passengers and crew members. Valenzuela-Reyes has family connections to Atlanta and Santiago, Chile. Authorities say he might be living in one of those places under a false identity. Court records show year-old David Jones received nine years in federal prison this week, and year-old John Mack received four years. They pleaded guilty in January to charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and wire fraud. Authorities say the victims were told they could wire payments in lieu of being arrested for soliciting a minor. He returned to Kendale Elementary, walked into the school and asked to see his son with his backpack.

An arrest report says a parent saw when he took the weapon out of the backpack and put it in his waistband. The boy knocked on a door seeking help and the woman who answered called police. Hayling is being held without bond in the Duval County jail. No interest will be charged on promo purchase and equal monthly pay ments are required equal to initial promo purchase amount divided equally by the number of months in promo period until promo is paid in full. The equal monthly payment will be rounded to the next highest whole dollar and may be higher than the mi nimum payment that would be required it the purchase was a non-promotional purchase. Regular account terms apply to non-promotional purchases.

Purchase APR is Existing cardholders should see their credit card agreement for their applicable terms. Subject to credit approval. Terms of promotions Previous purchase excluded, cannot be combined with any other promotion or discount. Just North of Venice Nissan on U. Interest will be c harged to your account from the purchase date if the promotional purchase is not paid in full within 12 months, by April Minimum Monthly Payments require d. This bedroom features dresser, mirror, queen headboard footboard. And get the matching night stand FREE! The set includes the table, 2 upholstered chairs and the matching bench. Also available in Twin, Full and King size. Special features include Beautyrest pocketed coil seating, reversible seat cushions and coordinating pillows.

Love seat and sleeper available. In stock and ready to go! Dated at Port Charlotte Florida, this 5rd day of April, The TIP i s a federally-required document that all Metropolitan Planning Or ganizations are required to develop annually and represents th e transportation improvements that have been programmed for the five year period. Monday, May 7,2: Comments can be made by con tacting the MPO at the address or website below. No stenographic record by a cert ified court reporter is made of these meetings. Any person or beneficiary who be lieves he or she has been discrim inated against because of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, or familial status may file a complaint with the Charlotte County-Punta Gorda MPO Title VI Coordinator Wendy W.

Anderson Administration Center, S. All hearing schedules More public charging stations added Sarasota County has added three publicly available electric vehicle charging stations at county facilities, as part of a comprehensive strategy to support the adoption of electric vehicles and encourage sustainable transportation choices. Residents and visitors driving electric vehicles EVs now can charge up at any of 16 county-owned locations with charging stations installed. The newest stations, which brings the number of available ports to 24, include: Now he has more options. Starting inowner David Wean made several bold moves to revive his bar. Since then, their restaurant has done so well that the couple recently assumed full ownership.

His wife, Susan, chose a beachy, teal-and-white palette and nautical motifs for the sleek new bar.

All he needed was the right chef. He posted an ad on Craigslist and waited. There, a stocky Laotianborn sushi chef joked merrily with regulars. Sushi Sam is back. During the day, a mix of older couples lines the bar and sushi counter.

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