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What is a Living Trust?

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Each state's process is spigey little different. A will also names an executor, also called a personal representative, who is the person who will settle the estate, and, if a probate is necessary, be appointed as the legal representative of the estate until it is distributed to the will's beneficiaries.

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You need to make sure that the will was properly signed in front of witnesses, meeting the state's requirements. If you are not certain where such documents are located, you just have to keep looking until you find them. Just having a living trust, though, isn't going to prevent a probate if the Grantor forgot to actually put their biggest assets house, brokerage accounts, and so on into the trust. When you are reading a will, here's what you need to find out: There's no external thing you can find that will tell you for certain that a Will exists--you either find one or you don't.

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If, after a thorough search, no one can find womem will at all, you'll have to conclude that there is no will. But, at their death, the trust agreement will dictate what happens next, distributing the trust's property as directed by the document. Much to many peoples' surprise, there's no official state registry for this kind of thing where people send in their important documents before they die. How are the beneficiaries supposed to receive their assets? But the person making the will must: These are the people who inherit the property.

The Grantor, beneficiary, and Trustee of a typical living trust are all the same people because the primary purpose of a living trust is to manage a person's assets for them during their lifetime, and allow them to pass that property to their surviving spouse, or children, without having to go through a court-supervised process, called probate. If no one else comes forward with an original will for that person, and no other evidence can be found that another will was created, the court may accept a copy of a will. Ideally, you want to find the original, signed will, not a copy.

Once lodged, the will becomes a public record, to be read by anyone who's interested in what it says. Are there any Trust Amendments? Children, or adults with special needs or issues managing money, will often be given assets to be held in trust to a certain age like 30 or, perhaps, for their entire lifetimes.

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