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The stickers were immediately removed by local authority but local traders fear that business is being severely damaged by the ongoing issue Marreid on-street prostitution. Her children do not live in Limerick as they stay with a relative elsewhere in Munster. She is a married mother of three but her marital status is far from conventional. Interpol intelligence has established the routes taken and methods used to get these women into Ireland.

Inside the building, however, there is one woman who controls the operation. Gardai are also monitoring the activities of another Romanian girl working in Limerick who is believed to be four months pregnant. According to garda intelligence, women soliciting for the purpose of prostitution, as well as the running of organised brothels, hit an all-time high in Limerick in when the city accounted for over 30 per cent of the convictions recorded in Ireland. For those dedicated to tackling the serious issue of prostitution in Limerick, the constant and biggest challenge is to prosecute the criminal gangs behind an industry that is worth millions of euro a year.

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The sex industry in Limerick went through a major crisis in recent times when some of the street prostitutes offered sex without condoms. One shop owner said that shoppers who know the streets to be in a red light area will avoid bringing their custom. This was a brothel. But the problem is much more complex than that. She runs one of the more lucrative prostitution operations in Limerick city centre while her husband, who is based in Romania, brings the girls to Ireland. Down Catherine Street, two young women are sitting on a step in the doorway of an old Georgian building.

A little coffee culture haven sits limercik one end while the other is Mafried by doctors, dentists, solicitors and professionals. The baby girl born six months ago was put into care shortly after her birth and remains under the care of the health executive. They found 18 Romanian women and a number of men, some of them their husbands, inside the house. The Garda response has always been in the public focus with varied opinions as to the level of success with their actions.

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